The email’s a scam, but the Bensalem Business Directory is for real!

I was told by a couple of our members there is a Membership Suspension Notice getting sent out to members by Gerardo Alaniz. IT IS NOT REAL, and I have no idea who this person is. Please do not open the link from this email. I was also told that email was sent out about dues needed to be sent in for 2021. That is also not real.

I have decided not to charge anyone dues for 2021 because of Covid-19. I do know other organization are. So, if you are getting notice about sending in your dues or paying dues, it is from another organization and not ours.

Friday, April 30th, we will be having our Friday morning Breakfast at the Golden Corral at 8 am. At the same time, I will open ZOOM so we can also have a ZOOM meeting. I try to start up 30 minutes before to give everyone a chance to log in and set up and grab food, etc…

Last week we had our Friday Lunch at Golden Corral (we alternate between 11am lunch and 8am breakfast to give members a choice) and I do the ZOOM at the same time for everyone who cannot come out so we all can connect.

We have not started back to monthly meetings and a picnic in June is still a “I do not know if we can pull it off” kind of thing.

Covid has changed many things for all of us.

Time management is paramount in this new covid era. I really need to know what works and what does not with our organization.

Last week’s lunch we had no one come onto ZOOM. Another week we had only one person come onto ZOOM. If members do not have time to log on and do not see the value of ZOOM on Friday I like to know.

We are the only organization who has been doing things through covid and I will continue to do all I can to help everyone. But if what I am doing is not working, I will need to stop it and spend that time on other things that may work better.

We have almost 200 members in our organization and I need a role call. Can everyone please email me back and let me know they are still a member and what is working for them or not?

At the end of the day, time spent doing BBD work is time I am spending away from my family and my own work. I love to know it is time that has value and is helping so I can figure out how to be more productive for everyone who is in my life.

I say this as I was reminded of a conversation, I had with a young lady who works for Dr. Bui at People Choice Urgent Care here in Bensalem. Stephen and his Dad, Dr. Bui, run a great place and have been members of our organization for many years now.

Dr. Bui would actually make time between patient to come onto ZOOM meetings when the Covid-19 first hit us back when we were all closed. He would come on and tell us what was going on as would many others like Fred Harran and our Mayor, Judge Gallagher, Matt Weintraub and other.

But Dr. Bui coming on between patients to talk to us while at work made a lasting impression on this young lady who works at People Choice Urgent Care. She would hear him and knew it was real businesspeople he was talking to. She was proud of the Bensalem Business group for doing this and her Doctor and the connection of all of it during a time of crisis.

She told me she wanted to pay her dues for 2021. See, she thought Dr. Bui was talking to the other business organization in Bensalem. She had no idea we are the Bensalem Business Directory.

Please help me by telling people who we are and what we do. Please help me by telling me what is working and what you feel is not. Please help me by telling the business that is next to you to join. More good businesses that join us the better it is for all of us, and less people get confused about who we are and what we do.

I hope to hear from everyone and if you can make time tomorrow to log on or come and see us at the Golden Corral. Jon has been working hard at his new addition.

For all you I want to get out and go for a hike we are still doing the hike on May 8th up in the Appalachia Trail 8.5 miles. Get in touch with Marian for all the information.

God Bless,
Pondeli Hajioannou, Founder / Pre. BBD & PPG

Picture from Phishing Is So Very Fishy | Ask Abby Stokes

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