Practical Ways to Learn and Become a Better Leader in Your Community

By Sean W. Mullen

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “community leader?” Perhaps it’s a city councilman or councilwoman. Or maybe it’s the founder of a local nonprofit.

While people in prominent positions may very well be leaders in their community, you don’t have to have to be in such a position to play a significant role in your neighborhood or municipality. As long as you have a desire to help people and an eagerness to learn, you can help lead your locality toward positive change. Here are some practical tips and resources to get you started:

Know the Benefits of Lifelong Learning

Once you understand some of the benefits that come with consistently learning, you will be more likely to remain hungry for knowledge throughout your life.

  • It increases your personal development as well as makes you more flexible and able to help people in a variety of ways.
  • It can lead to an enriching social life.
  • It enhances your career prospects.

Consider Formal Education

Going back to school is a great way to grow your knowledge and skills.

  • Returning to school as an adult is now more accessible (and affordable) than ever before.
  • There are many types of courses where you can earn certification for growing your leadership skills and improving your career prospects.
  • If your next step is a graduate degree, pursuing an online MBA can make a significant difference in your leadership and business skills.

Learn on Your Own

Whether or not you pursue formal education, there are several ways that you can continue learning throughout your life.

  • Consult online resources like Bensalem Business Directory for advice on leadership and getting connected to your community.
  • Look for a mentor who can lead by example and offer advice when you need it.
  • Become a mentor to others, which can help you learn new things while reinforcing the knowledge and skills you already have. 
  • Study a different business/leadership book each week or month.
  • Get out there and serve your community on a regular basis.

You don’t have to be a local politician, celebrity, or humanitarian of the year to be a leader in your community. By embracing the practice of lifelong learning, you will put yourself in a position to make an impact in and around your neighborhood. Start by looking into all the benefits that come with lifelong learning, think about furthering your formal education, and find other ways to learn each day.

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Sean W. Mullen is a Sales Representative for the Norris Sales Company, Inc., and a member of the Bensalem Business Directory. He can be reached at 610-279-5777 ext. 3063 | 📱 610-812-7817 | 📠 610-279-7973 |

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