Picnic 2019


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THANK YOU, Cindy & Joe Proll of Trifecta Sporting Club, for hosting this year’s picnic. They really have a nice place. And if you missed the picnic you will get a chance to see it at our August meeting as they are hosting that month’s meeting.

We had great weather for our picnic, and everything just came together nicely as we had over 100 attend. I know many of you know by now I was not at the picnic and that was not by choice. I was in the hospital with some medical problems that needed to be taken care of.

Every year Sam’s Club in Langhorne Pa Sponsors the Picnic. Everything you ate at the picnic was compliments of Sam’s Club Langhorne. The chicken and pork were marinated with Marian’s special BBQ sauce that she does every year for the picnic. The Italian Water Ice was from Famous Italian Ices Inc. and served by our very own Mike Nerenberg from Main Event Advertising.

The grilling for the picnic this year was done by Bob Wehrmann from Region Service and Peter Bondarenko from PB Adjusting. Peter also had his kids help Marian set up before the picnic.

Last year Lynn Tarnowski from Philadelphia Christian Center ran the games. She also did the white elephant game for us at the Annual Holiday Dinner. So, we asked her if she would run the games for us again this year and she did. What a nice Lady!

I knew from Tuesday before the picnic when I was admitted to the hospital, I was not going to make the picnic. Marian my wife organized everything with the help of our son Jacobo to make it all happen. Brian Bielawski from ARC helped her and Will Reinsfelder from Will’s Roadside Service step up big time.

Will brought his 12 x 6 trailer to load up and bring everything over in one load to save us the multiple trips. We had Dave Lisowski from Foxal Productions, Eric Nash from Eric Nash Attorney at Law, and even a couple of my friend who are not members, Kathleen and John Feliz, help.

Kyle Ober Commercial Photographer took pictures, Dave Lisowski from Foxal Production videoed and Mike Mallon from Aerial Photography & Video by Oldskillz took some aerial pictures of the picnic.

I am proud of our group and like I have always said together we can do amazing things.

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