Philadelphia Christian Center Hosts Monthly Meeting!

If you made the meeting last night thank you for taking time out of your day to come and you already know how great the meeting was. If you could not make the meeting here is what happened.

The meeting was hosted by the Philadelphia Christian Center in Bensalem. This is the Church / School / Day Care Center that Lynn Tarnowski runs. And for everyone who does not know where the Church is I will just tell you it is across the street from the massive HORSE HEAD on Street Rd in front of Parx Casino 2990 Street Rd.

The Philadelphia Christian Center has hosted a meeting for us in the past and are a group of amazing people. They had a Day Care Center in the place a School up to 8th grade and a Church. If you have any questions about them, please reach out to Lynn at 215-639-7000.

We have been very lucky that Kyle Ober one of our members who is a commercial photographer has stepped up and been taking pictures since last year at all our meetings. I have been posting them on our Facebook page, so everyone can see them. If you have not you can go to our Facebook page and check out the pictures and see them. Kyle can be reached at 215-465-6565 for all your business photography needs. He told me he cannot do the pictures for this meeting as he is up in New York on a photo assignment. So, our video person Dave Lisowski from Foxal Productions stepped up last night.

Dave Lisowski did our very first workshop recently on how to use your smartphone to video yourself to promote your business. It was a really cool thing to see and learn how to do and so nice to have Dave share with us. In the process of the workshop, we learned Dave was also the Photographer for a Band. So, Dave found out Kyle was not taking the pictures of the meeting and asked if he can do them to help document the meeting for us. We are so lucky to have members who want to help, and this is what makes our organization what it is today. Dave did the pictures of the meeting and we will see them soon. So, look for them on our Facebook page. Dave can be reached for all your video needs at 215-478-2080. He has worked with our members helping them with video so do not be shy to ask him who he has worked with.

I am always humbled by members making time to come out to the meetings I set up. Sometimes members who make time to come to our meetings I know really do not have time for them. They stop in to check up on us and as show their support for what we are doing. The Director of Public Safety Fred Harran came to our meeting yesterday. He oversees The Bensalem Police Department,  The Bensalem Fire Department and The Emergency Rescue Squad. Essentially the first responders in Bensalem this is the man who oversees all 3 departments and keeps us safe. To have him come to our meeting and stay meant the world to me.

The guest speaker that I set up for this meeting took me a great deal of work to get. I wanted to get someone who can answer all the questions members have on what is going on in Bensalem with our roads that are owned by PennDOT. PennDOT is a monster company that has many moving parts to it. As business owners, we know there are layers of people with all companies. Responsibility for certain parts of major companies falls on the shoulders of different people. We had the man who is responsible for our part of the world Mr. Robert Graham Assistant Highway Maintenance Manager. He has been with PennDOT for 24 years and had his office in Trevose. There is nothing that is going on in Bensalem that he does not know about. He knowledge of everyone that is happening was so insightful is was perfect.

Here is the article that was written about our meeting in the Bensalem Time.

The effort in putting this meeting together was well worth the time and effort. I was happy to have new members come out to the meeting like Glenn from Glenn’s Dent Care. And, the new owners of Cosmo Indian Motorcycle send us Tracy and Tom. Cosmo’s has been hit hard with the change of traffic in front of their place with the what is going on with the roads. But for anyone who is interested in getting an Indian motorcycle you can get to them from Street Rd.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention Samantha from Bensalem Times also attended our meeting. That means the meeting was newsworthy and we will have an article about the meeting soon in the Bensalem Times. Keep an eye on the Bensalem Times for the article.  Samantha Bambino can be reached at if you like to thank her for making time to come to the meeting and writing about us as she has also done so in the past. Or if you have anything going on at your place and feel she might want to do a story on you or your place. She is a very nice young lady.

NO meeting next month as it is time for us to have fun and have our Annual Picnic hosted by Trifecta Sporting Club 4666 E Bristol Rd Trevose PA. Saturday, June 22 from 12 to 3 pm and it cost $5 per member and children 12 and under are free. Deadline is May 30th. So, get me your money and tell me how many.

All info on all our events is on our web site.

The new web site is up so check it out and let me know what you think. John Paone designed it and is running it for us. His contact info is 215-266-7514.

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