PARX hosts BBD November Meeting

The Friday November 15th meeting hosted at Parx Casino was a huge success. Having a monthly meeting at 8 am is always a gamble as most of us are too busy to make it at that time. But when it comes to gambling, Parx has it down to a science.

Parx is the most successful Casino & Racetrack in the Delaware Valley and is one of the largest employers for Bensalem. They have been an active member of our organization since I started the organization and host a meeting every year.

Ron Davis, Director of Diversity and Community Development, was our guest speaker. Ron’s Contact information is 267-223-3610 We had over 50 members come out to this meeting. The meeting itself was in the Cotillion room in Parx East. This is the Racetrack and the room is ground level to the track with a window wall that you can look out to the track from. At the time of our meeting horses came out to warm up with their jockeys. Our Breakfast was prepared by Chef Ron and served by his staff. This was an extremely well thought out meeting hosted by Parx.

This was the last monthly meeting we will have for 2019. Our next meeting will be on Thursday, January 9th, 2020, hosted by the Bensalem Country Club. This is the Meeting with our Mayor that everyone loves to come out to and hear what our Mayor has to talk to us about. So, mark it down on your book so you can make it.

Reason we do not have a monthly meeting in December is we have our Annual Holiday Dinner this month. This year it will be on Friday December 13th staring at 6 pm at the Bensalem Country Club. Please send in your checks for the Annual Holiday Dinner with your dues for next year. If you are not going to come to the dinner, please send in your 2020 dues for next year.

I will be posting pictures Kyle Ober took at the November Parx meeting on our Facebook page, and you can see them by clicking the gallery below. Kyles contact information is 215-465-6565 Kyle will be presenting some of his work at the Annual Holiday Dinner.

We will not be having our breakfast at the Golden Corral this Friday, November 29th. It is the day after Thanksgiving, and most have told me they will not make it so I am going to cancel this one and will pick it up again next Friday.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and thank you everyone for all your help. As without everyone helping me, I could not run our organization. I have always said together we will do amazing things and I think we are.

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