Trifecta Sporting Club Hosts Meeting, Mayor

This past Thursday August 1st we had our monthly meeting hosted by the same people who hosted our Annual Picnic in June, Trifecta Sporting Club, 4668 E. Bristol Rd., Trevose PA 19053.

Cindy & Joe Proll recently purchased the United German Hungarian Club and changed the name to Trifecta Sporting Club. It had been a private club for over 100 years with Multiple Soccer Fields, a Large Banquet Hall, Full Kitchen, Two Indoor Bars, Indoor Training Center with Locker Rooms and Shower Facility etc… All sitting on 17 acres right in our community since 1810, and now the Proll’s have open it to the public and are giving it a major over haul and opening it to other sports besides soccer.

Our August meeting was set up to be all about what Cindy & Joe have done to update their business. As the hosting member it is there time to shine and show us what they are all about.

Every now and then our business organization gets an Unannounced Special Surprise. Last year it happen at our May meeting when our guest speaker could not make the meeting. I found out a couple hours before the meeting and our Mayor unannounced just came to the meeting to help out.

This year it happen again with our Mayor on Thursday. This Thursday’s meeting was pushed up from August 8th to the 1st as I have surgery on 2nd and on the 6th and would not be able to make it on the normal date we set up.

So in walks our Mayor and I have no idea he was going to do this. Last year he did it because I was stuck with no guest speaker. This year he wanted to see me before surgery and wanted to let me know he cared about me and our group. Reality is he was a business owner before he was a Mayor and he understands the ups and downs of business owners.

Kyle Ober one of our Photographers in our group has been taking pictures of our meetings and events since last year’s Bensalem Fall Festival Car Show. You can see the pictures he took of the meeting on our Facebook Page & Group, or see them all HERE. Like them, share them and comment to others can see what we are up to.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We had over 40 people attend this meeting. That number would have been double if we had announce our Mayor was going to make the meeting. Check out all the details on the meetings on our event page and see who is going to be our next guest speaker and where.

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