Mayor, MD, Safety Highlight Virtual Breakfast Meeting

Our second Virtual Friday Morning Breakfast was a huge success as we started this virtual get together on Fridays the week before with 8 attending and our second one we had over 30 attend.

We are very fortunate to have members of our organization that have a wealth of knowledge and are willing to share that knowledge with us. Our organization has always been forward thinking to not only be set up for local businesses but also allow nonprofits businesses and government institutions to become members that are in Bensalem and those that are outside of Bensalem to join us also.

This and the fact we never charge membership for the first year to anyone has allowed us to constantly grow. As we grow we also gather more members with knowledge that can help us as an organization and as individual businesses. As at the end of the day we are a business organization.

This Friday April 3rd our Mayor referred to small business owners as the pulse of the country. Telling us he knows this as he was once one before he became our Mayor when he ran the family Farm in Bensalem.

What all this means is I will ask members to come to our Virtual Friday Morning Breakfast to talk to us about what is going on and if they can tell us what is going on that can help us collectively as members. The man who runs our community as our elected Mayor since 1994 and the man who set me on the path to running business organizations back in 2009 was the first person we had come on to talk to us.

Our safety in the eyes of our Mayor is obvious as he has the Department of Public Safety so well trained and staffed. To help us understand how Bensalem Township is working to keep us all safe and what we should be doing he asked the Director of Public Safety Fred Harran to come on to also talk to us.

Fred Harran is set to be our guest speaker at the next Virtual Friday Morning Breakfast April 10th at 8 am. Yet he came into this one to talk to us and offer his support and answer any questions we have with our Mayor.

We are a diverse organization with many members. We welcome all of the members and their guest to the Virtual Friday Morning Breakfast. We had many members offering their perspective on what is going on and asking questions. I am not going to post the entire video of the Virtual Friday Morning Breakfast as it is over an hour long.

Besides our Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo talking to us we also had Director of Public Safety Fred Harran come in to talk to us with our Mayor. This was an amazing combination and it is obvious how well both men work with each other and the reason we have such a great community under our Mayors leadership.

We also had Dr. Minh Bui from People’s Choice Urgent Care 3571 Hulmeville Rd in Bensalem stop in and talk to us about what is going on from his perspective as a Doctor. This was such a nice addition to our Mayor and Fred for this virtual get together for us. If available we will see if we can have Dr. Bui come on again to give us an update on what is doing on in the medical field.

We are all in this together and we all need to be safe.

I will do my best to get members to come to our virtual Friday morning breakfast to help us all deal with what is going on with COVOR-19.

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