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We charge nothing for all new members to join our organization. At the end of the year if you enjoyed your time as a member you can continue as a member and pay $60 if you pay before the year ends. If you pay after the year starts, we charge $120 to be a member of the Bensalem Business Directory. This applies to nonprofit organizations also.

We also allow Government Institutions to join our group as honorary members. They are never charged to be a member of the Bensalem Business Directory.

We are not a Political Organization and will never allow anyone to use our organization to campaign. 

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The Bensalem Business Directory reserves the right to deny membership to any applicant. The BBD takes no responsibility for the actions of any of the members of the organization as we are not a representative of any specific member. We encourage everyone to be morally and ethically responsible in all matters. If your actions are deemed unethical BBD reserves the right to remove you from our membership with no notice.