COVID-19 Announcement

Due to the Coronavirus, The Bensalem Business Directory will not be having any functions that involve any of our members/guests coming in contact with each other at this time.

All monthly meetings and in-person Friday morning breakfast have been canceled until further notice. This may also mean we may have to cancel the annual picnic in June if it is not safe by then.

We will be having virtual meetings every Friday morning on Zoom ( 

The purpose of the virtual meeting will be:
1. For our members and their guest to stay connected
2. Get first-hand information from members who will come on to the virtual meetings to talk to us. Information that will help us deal with the Coronavirus.

Our organization is filled with members who will be coming on to talk to us. So far we’ve had our Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo, Director of Public Safety Fred Harran, and Doctor Minh Bui from People’s Choice Urgent Care have talked to us.

We will be asking other members to follow the lead of our Mayor and come out on Fridays to talk to us. As we know the true light at the end of the tunnel during a crisis is real information.

Zoom Meeting Info:

  • Friday Zoom Meeting ID: 254 390 148
  • Time: 7:30-8:00 AM  — Open Chat
  • (Unmute yourself you be able to talk)
  • 8:00 AM Meeting Starts with Pondeli Welcoming everyone and announcing who will be doing the presentation.
  • We will give each presenter 10-15 mins and then ask if there are any questions. This way presentation can be done uninterrupted so we can get all information. Then they can do a question and answer segment if anyone has questions.
  • We like to wrap up the Friday morning virtual meetings by 9:00 AM.
  • We will try to have trial runs during the week for members to learn the system if they like. Look for a notice on Facebook for them

Helpful tips:

  1. Mute yourself unless you want to say something. Your camera will automatically turn on if you make any noise if you are unmuted 
  2. Set up a zoom Account with a picture of yourself in your profile and your full name. 
    • This way when you sign in, others know who you are. 
    • If your camera is off or goes down your default is the picture you picked. 
    • Otherwise, it is a black screen with your name or phone number.
  3. Meetings are recorded, please be mindful of what you say and what people can see.
  4. Say your name and your business when you speak, so everyone knows who you are and from what company. 
    • Remember we are not in a room together.
  5. If the camera has a window in the background or a lite we will only see a shadow of your face. Change your position to have lite or window in front of you.
    • This makes it easier for the camera to pick you up.
  6. What you see in your monitor in the background so does everyone else in the world. If you don’t want us to see it don’t show it.
  7. Practice makes perfect.  Contact Pondeli 215-245-0802 call or text and he will help you before Friday with a trial virtual meeting unrecorded so you can relax and enjoy on Friday.

Business owners are called the backbone/soul of our community. I have always said together, we will do amazing things. We all know what it is like to have the odds against us. As business owners never have the odds in their favor when we start our business and sometimes we never get the odds in our favor. We are a resilient group of people who by nature are always adapting to better ourselves and the community we serve.

We need everyone to step up and help. Our Mayor stepped up as a former business owner to come on to talk to us. Following his lead, I hope others will make time for us as Fred Harran and Dr. Bui did. 

Who do you want to hear from? Can you come on as an expert with first-hand knowledge and talk to us?

Together we will!!  

Pondeli Hajioannou
Bensalem Business Directory
Philadelphia Private Gym in Bensalem

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