Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Covid-19 has changed the way we run our organization. We DO NOT currently meet up for monthly meetings or have EVENTS like the Holiday Dinner or Picnic.

We have added Zoom meetings to our Friday morning breakfast at 7:30 am. Our members can come have breakfast with us or log onto Zoom at the same time for a weekly meeting with us until we are back to our monthly meetings and our events.

What is the Bensalem Business Directory?
We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit business organization.
What is the purpose of the Bensalem Business Directory? Connecting businesses, organizations and government institutions to the Bensalem community and its residents. Working with each other and giving back to the community we support.
What are the requirements to join the Bensalem Business Directory?
You are a legally formed company, organization or government institution who wants to connect with Bensalem. You must attend one meeting and one Friday morning breakfast a year.
What does it cost to be a member of the Bensalem Business Directory?
All NEW members are FREE from the date they join us till the end of the year. At the end of the year if you pay before the year is up it cost ($60) sixty dollars to be a member for the next year. If the year has already started then it cost ($120) one hundred and twenty dollars. Government Institutions are always FREE as they are honorary members.
Why is it FREE for new members and why the price difference?
We want everyone to experience what we have to offer and become part of our organization. We feel if you like it you will stay on and be part of the BBD experience. The price difference is to incourage members to pay membership before the year is up. We also bundle prices of membership with our Annual Holiday Dinner as it is in December.
What is the Annual Holiday Dinner? 
Every year in December we have an Annual Holiday Dinner with live music and invite special guest to come help us celebrate what we accomplished. We also do a White Elephant Gift Exchange Game. We have had them at Parx Casino and now we have them at the Bensalem Country Club. There is a fee for this event and since it is right at the time of dues members can pay both at same time.
What do get when you join the BBD?
  • Listing on our web site directory.
  • Monthly Meetings / Business Card Exchanges.
  • Participation in events like our annual Picnic and Dinner.
  • Participation in our weekly Friday Breakfast at Golden Corral
  • A connection with other businesses, our community and our Elected Officials.
Why do you allow nonprofit businesses and organizations to join the Bensalem Business Directory?
One third of the businesses in America are nonprofits. We feel opening our organization to them allows us all the benefit of knowing about each other.
How often do you meet and where?
We meet once a month at various members’ businesses. Usually this will be on the second Thursday of the month. We also meet once a week at Golden Corral on Street Rd in Bensalem for a morning breakfast to get to learn more about each other. We get a special discounted price for unlimited breakfast and coffee & juice and welcome nonmembers to come out to join us.
What are the requirements to host a Bensalem Business Directory Monthly Meeting ?
Be a member in good standing and have enough space to hold a meeting with seating and have refreshment for everyone.
What are the requirements to be a guest speaker?
Normally the company who is hosting the meeting will also be the guest speaker. We ask that you clear with us what you will be talking about as the guest speaker.
What time are the monthly meetings / business card exchanges?
If they are at 8:00 am they are typically the second Friday of the month.
If it is 12 noon or 6:30 pm we typically will have it the second Thursday of the month. Since Friday mornings we normally  meet up for breakfast at the Golden Corral to network. If we have a monthly meeting that Friday there is no breakfast at the Golden Corral that day. 
Why does the time of meetings vary?
We have found when you have meetings at one specific time it makes it hard for all members to attend. By allowing them to be at different times we are able to maximize attendance at each meeting.
I own a new business in Bensalem. Would you recommend the Bensalem Business Directory to me?
ABSOLUTELY! We would love to have you join us. We have businesses of all sizes as members and the more we grow, the more we can help each other. Actually, since we are all business owners ourselves, we love to give you the first calendar year FREE to get you started.
My company does not work directly with Bensalem resident; we work directly with other businesses, would the Bensalem Business Directory be something for me?
Yes, we already have businesses just like yours as members.
Can I come to a Monthly Meeting  to check out the Directory before joining?
Yes, all we ask is that you let us know you are coming. This assures we can have a seat and refreshments for you.
Is the Bensalem Business Directory run by Bensalem Township?
No, a Bensalem business owner came up with this idea and runs our group. With the help of an advisory board.
Does the Bensalem Business Directory have contact with the leaders of Bensalem Township?
Yes, as we are business owners we know the value of having an open dialogue with our elected officials. We also have them as guest speakers when we can.
Can I join the Bensalem Business Directory if you already have someone in my line of work?
Yes, we welcome all businesses and do not hold exclusive categories.
Why does the Bensalem Business Directory have schools & religious organization on the directory? I thought the idea was for businesses?
Yes we have public and private schools as members; we also have religious organization as members. We are open to all organizations looking to build a network. Think of it like the old yellow pages, where whatever you wanted was right there at your finger tips. The old yellow pages were the only things you needed before the internet came along. And now, you are on an internet platform of the Yellow Pages of Bensalem. We want to be that one source for everything in Bensalem.

 If you have a question or comments. We have set up a page on this web site called Suggestions. Just click HERE

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The Bensalem Business Directory reserves the right to deny membership to any applicant. The BBD takes no responsibility for the actions of any of the members of the organization as we are not a representative of any specific member. We encourage everyone to be morally and ethically responsible in all matters. If your actions are deemed unethical BBD reserves the right to remove you from our membership with no notice.