Bucks DA Meets Businesses in Bensalem

If you made the September meeting you know it was a great meeting with a truly spectacular guest speaker. The hosting company — Courtyard by Marriott — could have not done a better job as everything was first class for us. You can contact Lisa, Dir. of Sales for Courtyard, at (215-604-9900) for all your hotel needs.

We had a great turnout as I expected, and I was so humbled by the fact our Director of Public Safety, Fred Harran, came out to help me introduce our guest speaker. Fred has worked with the District Attorney in the past so I asked him if he can help me as I only recently met Mr. Weintraub.

Our guest speaker was the Bucks County District Attorney, Matthew Weintraub. He was amazing at his presentation and I felt I had to email everyone this morning as I need everyone’s help who was at the meeting.

I like to ask two things from everyone who came to the meeting.

First is please make time to thank Mr. Weintraub for coming out to our meeting by calling him (215) 348-6344

or emailing him mdweintraub@buckscounty.org

Second is to let the rest of the world know about the meeting they just missed by writing a review on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/BensalemBusinessDirectory/reviews/?ref=page_internal

Or if you are not on Facebook you can write a review on Google review.

I know everyone is busy with many things and I hate  to ask anything for our members. But if a man comes out to speak to us and does such a nice job at his it is nice to have people say thank you.

And I know writing a review take time and for most writing it not fun. I hate it also but I do it and most of you know my spelling and gamer is not great but I think you all get the point of what I am saying. And truth is on Facebook you can just give it a star rating and just write liked the meeting the with the district attorney last night or whatever you like about our group.

And if you don’t do any of this it is okay. I just thought it would make Mr. Weintraub feel good about doing our meeting. And it would make others who did not make the meeting feel that maybe next time they could. Or the ones who did make it that they agree with you.

I also want to thank Kyle Ober (215-465-6565), who took pictures which I will post here and on our Facebook page like I normally do. And Rick D’Aguanno (215-397-8680) shot video of the meeting which will also be posted. Thank you, gentleman, as documenting our meeting for others helps.

And a big “Thank You” to everyone for all your support. I hope to see you at our weekly Friday breakfasts at the Golden Corral in Bensalem.

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