Annual Holiday Gala Caps Off A Successful 2019!

Check out pictures from the 2019 Annual Holiday Gala HERE!

The Annual Holiday Dinner at the Bensalem Country Club on Friday, December 13, 2019, was a huge success, as it has been for us in the past. We were honored by Our Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo, State Rep. Gene DiGirolamo, Director of Public Safety Fred Harran, Director of Building and Planning Ken Farrall and representing Senator Tomlinson his very own daughter Kathleen “K.C.” Tomlinson came and Nicholas Nigar. All came as our special guests to spend time with us.

The Bensalem Country Club is a member of our organization, and “thank you” to Toni and her team for doing an amazing job! We had the same musical performance as we have had in the past — Cara Cartney and Mike Reining — as we all love them. And we did our White Elephant Gift Exchange Game that Lynn Tarnowski from the Philadelphia Christian Center ran for us.

Kyle Ober took pictures of the event and I will post them soon on Facebook for everyone to see. He has been taking pictures of our Monthly Meetings, Friday Breakfast Meetings, our other Events and the Car Shows for us to help document all the things we do.

The presentation segment of our Annual Dinner was different this year. I have two BBD members I wanted to present with plaques to thank them for all their help this year, however both of them could not attend. So, that presentation will be pushed back to our January “Meeting with our Mayor” meeting on Thursday January 9th 5:30 pm at the Bensalem Country Club.

We did do a special presentation that was new this year to honor children who have stepped up to help us. As most of you know, I was in the hospital during our Annual Picnic that was hosted by Trifecta Sporting Club. My wife Marian ran everything for us, and many members helped her. Peter Bodarenko from PB Adjusters three children — Lukas, Krista and Elizabeth Bodarenko — really stepped up and helped, as did also John Ramgolam and Jacobo Hajioannou.

We gave all five children a framed certificate of appreciation and a gift certificate for Sam’s Club. Money for Gift certificate was complements of Sam’s Club Langhorne, Mary & Russell Holbrook and Donna & Glenn Peircy.

In the group picture Kyle took you can see there are 45 of us. There were more people that had to leave before the picture was taken, like our Mayor and State Rep. Total for this Annual Dinner was 53 people. We had some members who were sick, and to all of you who did not make it that where sick I hope you are feeling better.

This year we have accomplished a great deal as an organization and have grown to almost 200 members. Our guest speakers this year have been

  • Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo
  • Dir Public Safety Fred Harran
  • State Rep Gene DiGirolamo
  • PennDOT County Manager Bob Graham
  • District Attorney Matthew Weintraub
  • Exec Dir Bensalem Rescue Squad Tom Topley
  • PARX Dir of Business Ron Davis

I am working on the 2020 monthly meetings and I will post on our web site event page as soon as I have confirmations on who I have secured as a guest speaker for us.

Dues are up for 2020 so please send them in before the end of the year. If you do, it is only $60 for membership. Once the year starts the dues are $120. We do it at half price to encourage everyone to send then in early.

We are also doing an ad book that will come out in January. If you’d like to place an ad send in your money for it with your dues.  Send ad work and materials to Brian Bielawski Deadline is December 31, 2019.

Full page $290 5×8 inch

Half Page $140 5×4 inch

Quart Page $80 2.5×4 Inch

You can send a check to Bensalem Business Directory, 2636 Bristol Pike #5, Bensalem, PA 19020, or pay on PayPal if you like.

If you have any questions on dues or ad book let me know.

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