2018 Annual Holiday Dinner

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Our 2018 Annual Holiday Dinner at the Bensalem Country Club was a great event. We had our special guest talk to us and I gave a plaque to Brian Bielawski from ARC for all he has and continues to do to help our organization. I also gave Bill Wasylenko from Mustang Stables and Joe Tryon from Quaint Oak Bank a Framed Picture of them judging our Car Show for the help they gave me on setting up and running the show.

I went on to thank all the people who helped with the car show and tried to remember to thank everyone who has helped me, because without the help of everyone our group would not do as well as it does. This is especially true of my wife and son who help me with everything.

Marian thought it be nice to collect gifts for the less fortunate in Bensalem and that went well. Members liked that idea and I took the gifts to Fred Harran later and he was able to make sure they went where they needed to be.

We had live music by Cara Cartney and Mike Reinig who played the saxophone. Kelley from the Bensalem Country Club did an amazing job with the food and the service. Everyone loved it.

And then not my idea — again Marian’s with the help of Brian B. and Lynn Tarnowski who ran it for us — the gift exchange game White Elephant. WOW, everyone had a blast playing the game and we all laughed and enjoyed ourselves. It was a huge success.

If you made the Dinner you already know it was a good time and if you did not and want to see pictures you can go to our Facebook page and check the pictures out.

This year we had Kyle Ober do all the pictures for the Annual Dinner to document the fun. He does amazing work if anyone needs him.

Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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