60+ Attend March Meeting!

Our March meeting featured Bucks County Commissioner, Gene DiGerolamo, as the guest speaker and was hosted at The Golden Corral restaurant on Street Rd. in Bensalem PA.

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Pondeli Hajioanno, founder and president of the Bensalem Business Directory (BBD), conducted the meeting beginning with The Pledge of Allegiance and introduction of the members’ names and businesses. More than 60 people attended. Stephen Bui, manager of People’s Choice Urgent Care in Bensalem spoke briefly about the coronavirus and the best practices to avoid infection. Pondeli then made announcements of up and coming BBD events including our next meeting, April 2nd , at the Bensalem Police Department. (2400 Byberry Rd. Bensalem, PA 19020) The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM with special guest speaker Director of Public Safety Fred Haran. He will speak about new department news and give us a tour of the facility.

Bucks County District attorney, Matt Weintraub, also attended the meeting. He spoke about the possible coronavirus impact of infection causing police force member quarantines. There is a mutual aid agreement, he said, among the local counties to help and support each other so residents can rest assured all is being addressed, concluding with, “keep calm, we got you covered.”

The meeting continued with a round of Happy Birthday sung to Gene DiGerolamo celebrating his 70th birthday. The cake was provided by HF Hornerberger Bakery. Gene is a lifetime resident of Bensalem. Born in 1950, he grew up here working on his family’s farm. Gene, former PA House Representative, then spoke about his new role as one of three commissioners of Bucks County and the responsibilities of the position. The commissioners are the “executive part of the Bucks County government” and focus on the health and safety of all the municipalities and school districts. Among their responsibilities are the county prison board and prisoners, buildings and county parks, the county Sheriff’s Department and Health and Human services as a “safety net” for kids, seniors, disabled, drug and alcohol issues, homelessness and hunger needs. While in the minority seat of the commissioners, he stressed that the commissioners are all public servants there to serve the public. While coming from different points of view, compromise is a must to avoid arguments and getting tasks accomplished.

The meeting closed with Jonathan Kornblau, owner of the Bensalem Golden Corral, thanking all for attending. He made an announcement about The Golden Corral’s “Camp Corral” project. Camp Corral provides a unique summer camp experience for the children of wounded, injured, ill and fallen military heroes. Log onto https://campcorral.org/ for more information.

Pondeli then closed the meeting with a reminder of the BBD’s weekly Friday breakfast. Held at The Golden Corral, BBD member Jonathan Kornblau opens the restaurant at 7:30 AM exclusively for the BBD members and offers a discounted all-you-can-eat breakfast. It’s a great time to meet and network with other area businesses in an informal and fun setting. We always have a good time, meet new people and have an opportunity to grow our businesses. You’ll even pick up on some of the inside jokes that tend to fly around our monthly meetings!

~ Report written by Mike Nerenberg from Main Event Advertising.

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